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PAUL MARCHAND stepped off a train at Union Station in the late '90s with a full-ride scholarship to study film at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. First inspired by the work of the French New Wave's Rive Gauche filmmakers like Chris Marker and Agnes Varda, Marchand gravitated towards documentary and experimental cinema immediately. He found work on a trucking dock in South Central, and as a 35mm changeover system projectionist to fund his first short film, DEMENTIA, in which he combined 35mm still photography with 16mm motion film. The experimental film was honored with a special screening at the Director's Guild of America, and presented an award by the American auteur, WILLIAM FRIEDKIN (The French Connection, The Exorcist.)

Marchand continued to developed his craft as a cinematographer and editor while working at HBO in a small group that pioneered the company's transition from film into digital cinema.


Big River Man Los Angeles Premiere, 2009


Good Hair & Big River Man Sundance FF, 2009


Chris Rock, Sundance FF, Good Hair, 2009

While at HBO, he was introduced to comedian CHRIS ROCK, who enlisted him to edit and ghostwrite GOOD HAIR, a documentary film that explored notions of beauty and acceptability for African-American women and their hair; the film went on to win the Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. Also in competition at the Sundance Film Festival that year was another film Marchand worked on as Director of Photography, BIG RIVER MAN, which won Best Cinematography for the expressionistic style he and the director, JOHN MARINGOUIN, used to chronicle an aging Slovenian athlete's 5268 kilometer swim through the treacherous Amazon River.

Since returning from the Amazon, Marchand freelanced as a television editor for comedians JERRY SEINFELD, TRACY MORGAN, and LARRY WILMORE, shot a documentary for RUSSELL BRAND, collaborated with film artist KENNETH ANGER on a short film commissioned by Missioni of Italy, edited MARTIN SCORSESE's THE 50 YEAR ARGUMENT (an HBO documentary on the historic New York Review of Books), edited CHELSEA HANDLER's four-part Netflix documentary series, CHELSEA DOES... [MARRIAGE / RACISM / TECHNOLOGY / DRUGS], and contributed additional editing on NICK BROOMFIELD's WHITNEY: CAN I BE ME, and PETER BERG's UNTITLED RIHANNA DOCUMENTARY.

In 2015, Marchand's collaboration with METALLICA bassist and film producer, ROBERT TRUJILLO, resulted in JACO, a documentary film on Jaco Pastorius, which was Marchand's feature-length directorial debut. The film premiered at the 2015 South by Southwest Film Festival, won several awards internationally, and is now streaming on Netflix.

In 2018, Paul shifted his attention to narrative screenwriting, selling his his first feature screenplay and writing a one-hour premium television pilot that was selected by RON HOWARD and BRIAN GRAZER's new content accelerator program -- Imagine Impact.

When Paul isn't kicking around Hollywood or retweeting Yoko Ono, he's surfing in the pacific, or visiting his mother's organic farm and apiary.


JACO Premiere and Panel, SXSW 2015


Robert Trujillo atJACO Premiere, Ace Theatre 2015


JACO Los Angeles Premiere Ace Theatre, 2015